20 Eylül 2011 Salı

moving house

we are selling our house because it's too far from my husband's work. I'm quite sad really because we haven't been living there very long and we've already done quite a lot of work on it. We had to paint everything where we've arrived- it was all dark colours which makes a small house look smaller. I've done a lot of work in the garden which is just beginning to look really nice. Where we're going, we won't have a garden at all - but it's within walking distance of my husband's office. I'm also sad because our neighbours here are great and we get on really well. Life in the village is diffirent from town- slower, more friendly, less stressful, more boring maybe. I'm sure I'll like living in the centre and Alptekin will be a lot of more relaxed so we'll both be happier. I'm just not looking forward to the move.

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